The cleaning starts as soon as our cleaners enter the house with all of their equipment/supplies, and hand over this form. Please tell our cleaners what room, or area to start on first, then second, and so on.

Tip # 1: To save time, figure out what room/area you want to be done with first, second, and so on.

Tip # 2: keep in mind that certain rooms/areas require more time than others, depending on the size and what is required to clean in them.

NOTE: It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to guarantee that every house/apartment will be perfectly clean within 30- minutes, or even 5 hours, especially, before arrival or a walk-through inspection. Certain houses/ apartments simply require more time than others. What we DO guarantee is a GOOD quality basic cleaning for the time being, whether it’s a 30-minute cleanup, 1- hour clean up, or 5- Hour Clean Up. NOTE- You have the option to pay as we go for more time.

WRAP-UP TIME: Please, allow just one of our cleaners 3 to 5 minutes to finish up, gather their equipment/supplies, go over with you to see what they have cleaned so far, and invoice you when ready. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can always pay for the next half hour (As long as it within our company’s hours and flexibility of our schedule).

INVOICE AND CUSTOMER REVIEW SHEET: During the invoice, you would be asked to complete a quick and short customer review form based on our quality of service and customer service. Feel free to write down any additional feedback. You can also send any additional feedback to

FORMS OF PAYMENT: We accept cash, debit, credit, checks, and even cash app. You must show a picture ID to our cleaners before paying with a check or with Cash App.
Our Cash App name is $PHCMichigan . There is a 3 dollar fee when paying with Cash App. Also, please put your Address in the note section so we know it's you.

PAY AS WE GO/CLEAN: You, the customer, shall pay for every 30 minutes of cleaning. Certain discounts or charges may apply. Any cleaning over a three-minute time mark will result in you, paying for the next half hour. In other words, we charge 3- minutes after the initial 30-minutes or hour, the time starts after our cleaners brings in their supplies equipment and hand you this customer form. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can always pay for the next half hour (As long as it within our company’s hours and flexibility of our schedule).

ENDING A CLEANING: At any time, after the cleaning service starts, you can END the cleaning, however, you will STILL be charged for the time being of the cleaning service. NOTE- 5 minutes after a 30-minute time mark, will result in a charge for the next 30- minutes.


Breaking the RULES may results in a STOPPAGE of cleaning service, SUSPENSION of cleaning service, BLACK LISTED, or HARSHER PENALTIES!

RULE # 1: PLEASE, do NOT threaten, curse directly at, physically harm, or take hostile action towards any of our employees or staff members. If there is an emergency please, dial 911 or call us at 248-897-6769.

RULE # 2: PLEASE, do NOT practice racial discrimination or racism towards any of our employees or staff members. If there is a problem please call us at 248-897-6769.

RULE # 3: - PLEASE, do NOT and make sure anyone else do NOT walk around nude or show any forms of pornography with the exception of certain Arts. If you have any children, please make sure they are properly clothed. We are lenient enough for male customers to answer the door or BRIEFLY walk around in their underwear, or with a towel on, or female customers to BRIEFLY walk around in their underwear and bra on or with a towel on. Also, please do NOT sexually harass any of our employees or staff members.

RULE # 4: Please do NOT practice any form of ill will, hatred, prejudice, or unfair treatment to any of our employees or staff members, due to their sexual preference, orientation, or religion.

RULE # 5: If you have any PETS, please put them away in a safe secure place at all times, away from our cleaners during their service time. Especially dogs (of any size).

ALSO, our cleaners may leave if there is an infestation or pest problem. (I.e. bed bugs, bees, mice, roaches) occurring during the time of service. You will be charged regularly from the start of the cleaning up until that point.

ALSO, our cleaners may avoid cleaning any area, if there is a discovery of mold. This does not necessarily mean that the cleaning service will come to an end, however, if the mold is too severe, then a stoppage may occur. You will be charged regularly, from the start of the cleaning, and up until that point.

We currently have 6 SPECIAL SERVICES. Each of these SPECIAL SERVICES are called UP-SALES and each of them cost an additional $10.00 dollars per service.


(2) OVEN CLEAN-OUTS. (We clean the inside, the grills, the top and the grill on top of the oven).


(4) DISH-WASHING. (You must have access to a kitchen sink with warm running water).


(6) LAUNDRY. (Note- for laundry, you must have access to properly working washer and dryer. If you live in an apartment or certain townhomes with a commercial washer and dryer, then you must also have the fee to operate it during that time. You must also have a clothes hamper/laundry bag and your own detergent/bleach. Note- Sorry, we do not fold, hang, or iron clothes).

TRAVEL FEE We charge 25 cents from A to B (our office to your home). For Every 5 miles we charge an additional 2 dollars. (Example: If you live 10 miles away from our office, the travel fee will be $6.25)

CANCELATION FEE You can Cancel an appointment at any time after we book an appointment. There’s a $30.00 fee if you cancel an appointment the same day of or within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

WAITING FEE After we dispatched our office and arrived to your home for the scheduled cleaning, we will give you a call or knock on your home door/ring the doorbell. If you or someone else is not home to let our cleaners in for the cleaning, we will then start the “waiting time”. For every 5 minute mark of waiting, we will charge $2.50. (Example: 10 minute equals a 5 dollar charge, 30 minutes equals a 15 dollar charge and 1 hour of waiting equals 30 dollars). If nobody shows up to the home after the first hour we will charge you $30.00 plus travel fee, cancel the appointment and leave.